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airMAX - When should long range PtP link mode be enabled?


Readers will learn about long range PtP link mode (PtP noack mode in older versions) and when to enable it.

 Under airMAX tab, users can enable 'Long Distance PtP Link Mode.'

In a normal airMAX outdoor network, stations send an acknowledgment frame (ACK) after receiving a data frame. However, with longer link distances, it becomes necessary to disable the ACK mechanism.  The distance at which this mode should be enabled is also dependent on bandwidth.

  • 40MHz: 16.5 miles (26.5 km)
  • 20MHz: 35.6 miles (57.3 km)
  • 10MHz: 72.3 miles (116 km)
  • 5MHz: 144.7 miles (232.9 km)

IMPORTANT: This tutorial doesn't apply to airOS 7 devices. Read more about it in our article: airMAX - ACK Distances for airMAX AC

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