UniFi - Convert PicoStation M2-HP to run UniFi


Readers will learn how to flash PicoStation M2-HP radios with a special UniFi firmware to integrate the airMAX radio into a UniFi network. This is intended to be a one-way process that is not guaranteed to revert back to airOS. There is a special UniFi firmware binary needed to convert the unit successfully.


  • Please note that PicoM2 conversion will only work up to firmware 3.3.x and UniFi controller 4.8.x. It is no longer supported (even on the working firmware versions), and will not work as of UniFi 5.1.x and firmware 3.7.x or later, mainly as the firmware is too large for the device itself (flash size limitations). 

Steps to convert to UniFi

  1. Download the special UniFi firmware binary HERE.
  2. In airOS UI, upgrade with the firmware binary you downloaded above.


  • LED behaves differently and the first 2 LED cannot be disabled.
  • While this firmware can be applied to other models running airOS, UniFi cannot manage them and such action may void your warranty.
  • If you have a unit with a newer date code, i.e. 1336G, it may get stuck after the above upgrade. Symptoms are typically that the 3rd LED from the top (amber) will flash and it will not show up in DHCP table, by discovery tool or in the controller. To solve this please flash the firmware.bin file found in unifi_base/dl/firmware/BZ2/version/firmware.bin via TFTP soft recovery. For example, on Linux mine is found here: /usr/lib/unifi/dl/firmware/BZ2/ Adjust the version number depending on the controller version you have installed. 
    info_i_25x25.png Note: The location <unifi_base> will vary depending on your operating system. See this article for more information.
  • Older units, with OUI 00:15:6D will need a different binary which we don't have available on our site (at the time of writing this). We can provide it upon request though. 

Steps to revert to airOS

Please note although this process is mentioned it is not guaranteed to work as this was originally designed as a one way process. We are not responsible for any bricked units caused by trying to restore a PicoStation M2 device to airOS from UniFi software.

  1. Download the latest airOS V binary from HERE.
  2. Please follow TFTP recovery instructions found HERE, using the above firmware instead.

- UBNT-MikeD