airControl - How to create device groups and subgroups?


Device groups in AC2 enable the following new functionality:

  • filtering devices by any dynamic of static criteria (such as SSID, hostname, throughput, signal, memory, etc)
  • grouping devices by value-ranges of any dynamic metric, e.g. one can group all devices by signal in 10 dBm increments, or by throughput in 20Mbps intervals
  • additionally to grouping by metric-value ranges, devices can be sub-grouped by SSID

See "AC2's expression editor" section on how to set up dynamic filtering for device groups

Device groups can be created either at the root-branch of the "All Resources" tree or inside any user-created folder. Composition of custom-folders can have hiearachically nested structure to enhance organization.


Filtering and grouping by dynamic metrics works only for the devices on which monitoring was started.