UniFi - Integrate Merchant Warrior with hotspot


Merchant Warrior is an Australian based payment gateway and also supports all the major acquirers in Australia and New Zealand. UniFi controller integrates with Merchant Warrior and communicates with gateway via Direct API.

The example guide shows how to integrate UniFi hotspot with Merchant Warrior. In this way, users can pay for wireless usage via UniFi hotspot portal page through Merchant Warrior. Besides, Merchant Warrior has two URL separately linking to two administration panels: one is for testing and the other one is for live environment. There are no differences between these two administration panels in function and UI. The example is developed under test environment. Related UI / API interface in the test administration panel shall be the same as in the live administration panel. If not, then you will need to check with Merchant Warrior.


Part I. Preparing Merchant Warrior Account

  1. Go to Merchant Warrior website, http://www.merchantwarrior.com/
  2. "Apply Now" > fill in the required field > "Submit Application" > You will receive an email with login credential
  3. You can login test administration panel to check your application progress.
  4. After getting account approved, login test administraion panel > "Warrior Express" in the left panel
  5. Make a copy of "merchant UUID""API Key""API Passphrase", that's all you need to get Merchant Warrior going.

 Example Merchant Warrior Panel

Part II. Preparing UniFi Controller

  1. "Settings" > "Guest Control" > "Enable Guest Portal"
  2. "Authentication" > "Hotspot"
  3. In hotspot panel, check "Enable payment-based authorization" and choose "Merchant Warrior (Australian, New Zealand)" as gateway.
  4. Copy and paste "merchant UUID", "API Key", "API Passphrase" you obtained from Merchant Warrior test administration panel.
  5. Check "Use Test Account" > "Apply"
  6. Create a WLAN with guest policy enabled.

Part III. Test if Everything Works

  1. After associating to a guest WLAN, see if you can be redirected to portal page and select different packages.
  2. Fill in the required fields and pay with the test credit card number provided by Merchant Warrior.

    test credit card number : 5163200000000008
    expiration date : 08/2020
    CVC : 070
  3. See if you can see the transaction in Merchant Warrior test administration panel.
  4. In the controller, "Settings" > "Guest Control". In the Hotspot panel, "Go to Hotspot Manager"
  5. See if you can see the corresponding payment in Payments/Transactions page.
  6. Check if the package is what you chose and time allocated for this guest is correct.

Part IV. Going Live

  1. In UniFi controller, "Settings" > "Guest Control" > "Hotspot" panel > uncheck "Use Test Account"


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