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EdgeSwitch - How do I adjust the time before a user is automatically logged out of the web GUI / CLI of...

  1. Navigate to System > Management Access > HTTP.

    Note: You can also navigate to System > Management Access > HTTPS or SSH in case you would like to adjust the time out setting for secure web sessions (HTTPS) or secure CLI (SSH).

  2. The HTTP Session Soft Time Out represents the HTTP session inactivity timeout value. A logged-in user that does not exhibit any HTTP activity for this amount of time is automatically logged out of the HTTP session. This value is represented in minutes (1-60).

  3. The HTTP Session Hard Time Out setting represents the HTTP session hard timeout value. A user connected to the device via an HTTP session is automatically logged out after this amount of time regardless of the amount of HTTP activity that occurs. This value is represented in hours (1-168).

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