airControl - Discovered devices fall into 'Not placed devices' folder


When running discovery task with 'Resolve topology' option checked, discovered devices fall into 'Not placed devices' folder. Network topology may also not resolve properly.

Possible causes/recommended actions

  1.  Failing to login via SSH or several attempts
  2. Failed SSH logins will always put device into 'Not placed devices' folder since no information was obtained to calculate device's actual place in the topology.

    Verify that SSH settings are correct and that port 22 is open.


If there are many failed SSH logins, there might not be enough network formation to reduce topology-position for devices to which AC2 logged in successfully. Make sure AC2 can successfully log in into each discovered device via SSH, since this is crucial for correctly resolving topology. Correct network topology is also very important for AC2 while performing firmware-updates in a PoE-safe manner.

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