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Custom Sensor - Dual Digital Example

This is an example of using both sets of digital outputs and inputs.

However, a UI button is not present for the second digital output, and they are currently not available to be used with Rules.  But data is collected for the second input and is displayed in the Data Tab.

"Dual Input" : {
"digital": true,
"do_volt0": 24,
"do_volt1": 24,
"input": true,
"input_tag0": "in1",
"input_tag1": "in2",
"inversion0": false,
"inversion1": false,
"rep_input0": 1,
"rep_input1": 1,
"rj45_v1": true,
"tblock_v1": true,
"unit0": "on/off",
"unit1": "on/off",