UniFi - How to Integrate QuickPay with Hotspot


This article explains how to integrate UniFi hotspot with QuickPay. QuickPay is the payment solution that accepts all common credit cards and debit cards. QuickPay services more than 20,000 customers and processes more than 2,000,000 payments each month and handles payments for merchants from all European countries.

Table of Contents

  1. Part I: Prepare Your QuickPay Account
  2. Part II: Prepare Your UniFi Controller
  3. Part III: Test to Confirm Working Configuration
  4. Part IV: Go Live
  5. Other Helpful Links

Part I: Prepare QuickPay Account

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  1. Create a Merchant account with QuickPay. It is free as long as you are not processing real payments.
  2. Go to QuickPay management page https://manage.quickpay.net, ad access Settings > Integration.Screen_Shot_2017-06-30_at_10.04.38.png
  3. Copy Merchant Id and Agreement Id of API User and API KEY of API User.
  4. Go to the Dashboard and enable test mode by clicking SET UP FOR TESTING.

Part II: Prepare Your UniFi Controller

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  1. Navigate to Settings > Guest Control > Enable Guest Portal
  2. Enable Authentication > Hotspot
  3. In the hotspot panel, check Enable payment-based authorization and choose QUICKPAY (EUROPE) as gateway.
  4. Copy and paste the Merchant ID, Agreement ID and API KEY information you obtained from the QuickPay page.
  5. Enable Test mode.
  6. Create a WLAN with guest policy enabled.

Part III: Test to Confirm Working Configuration

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  1. After associating to a guest WLAN, verify that you are redirected to portal page and can select different packages.
  2. Fill in the required fields and pay with the test credit card number provided by QuickPay. Use Visa or MasterCard from QuickPay's Test credit cards.
  3. Verify if you can see the transaction in QuickPay manager.
  4. In the UniFi controller, go to Settings > Guest Control. In the Hotpot panel: Go to Hotspot Manager.
  5. Verify the corresponding payment appears in the Payments/Transactions page.
  6. Check if the package is what you chose and time allocated for this guest is correct. 

Part IV: Go Live

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  1. After successful testing disable Test mode in the UniFi controller's Settings > Guest Control > QuickPay.
  2. Disable accepting test credit cards in QuickPay's Settings > Integration section.
  3. Set up proper Acquirer.

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