airControl - Configuration tags and backup restoration


Readers will learn how to back up and restore configurations to multiple devices in airControl 2 using configuration tags. 

The simultaneous back-up is assigned a user-given name that is called "configuration tag". At any later point in time, user can select the created tag and restore all saved configurations on the devices covered by the tag. Tagging device configurations useful for saving "last known good configuration" point of a particular network-segment and restoring it when the current configuration does not perform as expected.


Create configuration tag

To create a configuration tag, select a set of devices in the devices-list, right-click and choose "Tag configuration", enter a name for configuration tag. A tag will be created in a "Device Configuration tags" folder, which in turn resides under "Other resources" folder. Tag contains set of devices and date of latest configuration-snapshot that was taken on each particular device.


Restore configurations

To restore configuration on devices tagged by particular configuration tag, right-click on a configuration tag and choose "Restore configurations from tag" item. A "Restore configuration" task panel will appear, click "Start restoring" to begin application of configuration snapshots that were saved in that tag.



AC2 automatically detects and backs up changes on all devices on which monitoring was started, so configuration tag creation is instantaneous, taking virtually no time.


Creation of configuration-tags on unmonitored devices is not possible.


 Ubiquiti Employee