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EdgeRouter - IPv6 Tunnel


Readers will learn the how to create an IPv6 tunnel.

IPv6 Tunnels make possible to reach the IPv6 Internet by tunneling over existing IPv4 connections from your IPv6 enabled host or router to one of our IPv6 routers. EdgeOS is compatible with IPv6 addresses and IPv6 Tunnel using SIT. In this tutorial we use Hurricane Electric TunnelBroker service. However, you can use any other IPv6 tunneling service.


  1. Get a valid IPv6 address; in this case we got a free IPv6 Address from Hurricane Electric, using their free service:
  2. Validate your account, and then log in to, then Create a Regular Tunnel
  3. Enter your current IPv4 address and select a server (in this case we selected one in Florida, USA). Then click on “Create Tunnel” button. Note: In case you've a dynamic IP address, you will have to update your registered IPv4 address every time it changes, otherwise the tunnel won't work.
  4. After the tunnel is created, you will receive a valid Client IPv6 Address, in this case 2001:470:4:c87::2/64. And a Server IPv4 address, in this case
  5. Now log in to your EdgeRouter, and open CLI (located in the Toolbox menu)
  6. Enter your username and password, default credentials are ubnt/ubnt, unless you previously changed your administrator username and password.
  7. Enter the following commands:



edit interfaces tunnel tun0
set encapsulation sit
set local-ip 
#'''[ENTER YOUR IPv4 ADDRESS HERE'''. In case you’re behind NAT, enter the IP address assigned to your EdgeRouter’s WAN interface, not your public IP]
set remote-ip 
set address 2001:470:4:c87::2/64 
#'''[ENTER HERE YOUR ASSIGNED IPv6 address]'''
set description “IPv6 Tunnel”
set protocols static interface-route6 ::/0 next-hop-interface tun0
Finally test your IPv6 connectivity using the command ping6, in this case you can ping servers, enter