EdgeRouter - Configure static IP addresses via GUI


Readers will learn how to configure public static IP addresses for the router.

If your service provider is giving you public IP address(es) the info you get may look like:

subnet mask
addresses -

So, how to configure the router when there's no field for subnet mask?

Well, EdgeOS expects the IP address to be written in CIDR format. One easy way to convert from address/subnet mask is to use a subnet calculator. For example in the picture below I entered the network and subnet and it shows the Mask Bits as 29.


In this example they gave us an address range of 5 public addresses, so we'll add all 5 with a /29 prefix to our WAN interface (note: you don't need to add all 5 addresses if you're only going to be using 1 address).



To add the gateway and name-servers (i.e. DNS) click the System button in the bottom bar.

- UBNT-James