airMAX - How to update your firmware


This article will describe updating/upgrading the firmware on your UBNT radio.

Video Tutorial


  1. Download the latest firmware for your device here:
  2. Connect to your device and log in to airOS.
  3. Navigate to the System tab and go to the Device Maintenance section.
  4. Click the Update button.  A dialog box will prompt you for the file path.  Choose Browse... to select your file, then choose Open.  Once your file is in the Firmware File field, choose Upload.
  5. You'll see another screen to confirm your selection, choose Update.
  6. The update will start.  Do not unplug your UBNT radio until the update is finished.
  7. Once the update has completed, you can go back to the System tab of airOS.  In the Device Maintenance section, you should see the new firmware version at the bottom of the page. 

Potential Issues

  • If you see a message that size "File size too large," ensure you are not uploading the firmware in the Configuration Management Upload Configuration box.  Also ensure you are using the proper firmware for your device. 
  • Firmware for the airMAX M devices and older Legacy (non-airMAX) devices are found under two separate menus on the download page.   
  • airMAX M devices are located under Platform: airMAX ISP Solutions
  • Legacy devices are located under Platform: IEEE802.11a/b/g Solutions  

TFTP Firmware Recovery

In the event your firmware update does not go through after multiple attempts, or if you cannot access the airOS Web UI, you can perform a TFTP firmware recovery by following the steps here.