UniFi Video - How to Properly Shut Down the NVR Appliance


The NVR appliance is a Linux server and must be shutdown properly to avoid corrupting its internal database. If the device loses power abruptly, and the database becomes corrupted, the fix is resetting the device to factory defaults.


There are three ways to properly shut down the NVR appliance:


Power off via the power button

  1. Press the blue power button on the NVR appliance.

Power off via the UI

  1. Access the NVR management console (UI).
    • Using the NVR's IP address, navigate to URL http://<NVR_appliance_IP>:80
    • If you do not know the IP address, you can find it using the Ubiquiti Discovery Tool
  2. Click on the NVR icon (aka Device Configuration).
  3. Use the default username and password of root and ubnt unless these values have been changed.
  4. Click the Maintenance tab.
  5. Click the Power Off button.


Power off and reboot via SSH

You can also SSH into the device and issue the poweroff command:

  • Power off: nvr-systool poweroff
  • Reboot: nvr-systool reboot

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