Custom Sensor - Leak Detector


"Water Leak Detector" : {
"desc" : "Water leak detector",
"digital" : true,
"rj45_v1" : true,
"tblock_v1" : true,
"do_volt0" : 12,
"rep_input0" : 1,
"input_tag0" : "Leak Alarm",
"default_tag" : "Leak Alarm",
"unit0" : "ALARM/OK",
"inversion0": false


Connect red wire to output and the block wire to input.


Thanks to Dinux:


Just a couple of tweaks - I made the alarm higher on the graph by not inverting.


24v "do_volt0" should also work.  But with 12v output I measured the input at 9.5 volts during an alarm condition, which is plenty.

We're sorry to hear that!