airControl - Get started with AC2 discovery


Readers will learn how to use airControl to perform a network scan to determine how devices are connected in a network.


Topology root

Topology root represents the starting point of your network design. If you have several PoPs that uplink to a main AP, and this AP went to your ISP, that AP would be your Topology root.


Device discovery

Devices can be discovered across layer-2 and layer-3 networks.

  • Discovery broadcast (Layer 2): So let's say the first time you ran the discovery with "Resolve Topology" and "Descend Gateways", and AC2 found a couple of devices.

  • IP-Range Scan (Layer 3): If you have several subnets and perhaps a router at every PoP and want to scan everything, you can do the following example '192.168.0-100.*' or ',' or '192.168.0|13|36.*'  


Location settings / placed devices

Discovery should auto-populate the topology. If Discovery did not find the location of all devices connected, they will be placed under "Not placed devices."

Administrators can placed "Not placed devices" by going to Control View -> Device List, select all (or some), right-click and select "Device Settings".

If in this case, all devices that you selected, are at the beginning of your topology tree (and/or your starting point), you select them again in the pop-up window "Settings for x device(s)" left side, and on right side click "Select" next to "Topology Branch".

In the pop-up window "Select topology branch" pick "Topology Root" and "Select Branch".
At the bottom right press "Set to x selected device(s)".

If some (or all) of these devices have other devices connected to them (AP's or substructure), select them and set "Membership Type" to "Gateway to subnet" and again press "Set to x selected device(s)".

On the next Discovery, AC2 will log in to these devices and perform a scan from there, (UDP port 10001), to detect underlying devices, hence the "Descend to subnets Downstream".


Removed devices

If devices are removed they end up in "Server" -> "Removed Devices".
This is quite clever, as you keep all the data collected from removed device for historical reasons. (e.g., IPs, MACs, Graphs)

To return 'removed devices' back to the topology tree, you either discover them with "Discover Devices" or add them manually. This way you resume the data collection.

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