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EdgeRouter - Set up IGMP proxy and statistics


Readers will learn how to set up an IGMP proxy and run statistics. 

The following settings are the base minimum for configuring an IGMP proxy:

  • Define an upstream and downstream interface.
  • Assign and alt-net for subnets you wish to proxy per interface.
  • Set threshholds for each interface.


The following example explains how to configure an IGMP proxy.

  • Assign an interface upstream and downstream.
[email protected]:~$ configure
[email protected]# edit protocols igmp-proxy
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
[email protected]# set interface eth0 role upstream
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
[email protected]# set interface eth1 role downstream
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
  • Select subnets to proxy.
[email protected]# set interface eth0 alt-subnet
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
[email protected]# set interface eth1 alt-subnet
  • Configure a threshold for each interface.
[email protected]# set interface eth0 threshold 1
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
[email protected]# set interface eth1 threshold 1
[edit protocols igmp-proxy]
  • Save and display the current configuration.
[email protected]# commit
[email protected]# top
[email protected]# show protocols igmp-proxy 
 interface eth0 {
     role upstream
     threshold 1
 interface eth1 {
     role downstream
     threshold 1
[email protected]# save
Saving configuration to '/config/config.boot'...
[email protected]#exit


To see statistics from the IGMP proxy, use the following commands:

[email protected]:~$ show ip multicast mfc
Group           Origin           In     Out           Pkts         Bytes  Wrong       eth0   eth1        120875      154.93MB      0
[email protected]:~$ show ip multicast interfaces 
Intf        BytesIn        PktsIn      BytesOut       PktsOut            Local
eth0       173.47MB        135343         0.00b             0
eth1          0.00b             0      173.47MB        135343