UniFi - Integrate Authorize with hotspot


Authorize has coverage including US, Canada, United Kingdom, and many countries in Europe. Detailed available countries can be found here. UniFi controller communicates with Authorize via Advanced Integration Method (AIM), one of Authorize solution.

The example guide shows how to integrate UniFi hotspot with Authorize step by step. Accounts in Authorize have two types, for testing and for live environment. You need to apply for them separately. This example is developed under test environment and how to apply for test account is also introduced. When your business is ready for live environment, you need to apply for one live account and acquire help from Authorize support. Related UI / API interface in the test environment shall be the same as in the live environment. If not, then you will need to check with Authorize.


Part I. Preparing Authorize Test Account

  1. Go to Authorize test account sign-up website , https://developer.authorize.net/testaccount/
  2. Fill in the required field and check "Card Not Present" > "Sign Up"
  3. You will be redirected to a page with your API credential. Make a copy of "API Login ID", "Transaction Key", and "Secret Question", that's all you need to get Authorize going.
  4. If you forgot your API credential, you can login sandbox with your Login ID and Password you just created when filling in the sign-up form. "Settings" in the left panel > "API Login ID and Transaction Key" > API Login ID is shown and you need to enter Secret Answer to get new Transaction Key.
    Notice that Login ID is different from API Login ID.
     Example Authorize API Login ID


Part II. Preparing UniFi Controller

  1. "Settings" > "Guest Control" > "Enable Guest Portal"
  2. "Authentication" > "Hotspot"
  3. In hotspot panel, check "Enable payment-based authorization" and choose "Authorize.Net (US, Canada)" as gateway.
  4. Copy and paste "API Login ID" and "Transaction Key" you obtained from Authorize.
  5. Check "Use Test Account" > "Apply"
  6. Create a WLAN with guest policy enabled.

Part III. Test if Everything Works

  1. After associating to a guest WLAN, see if you can be redirected to portal page and select different packages.
  2. Fill in the required field and pay with the test credit card number provided by Authorize.

    test credit card number : 370000000000002
    expiration date : Any date in the future will be considered valid
    CVC : Any 3-digits numbers is valid
  3. See if you can see the transaction in Authorize sandbox.
  4. In the controller, "Settings" > "Guest Control". In the Hotspot panel, "Go to Hotspot Manager"
  5. See if you can see the corresponding payment in Payments/Transactions page.
  6. Check if the package is what you chose and time allocated for this guest is correct.


Part IV. Going Live

  1. Prepare one live account
  2. In UniFi controller, "Settings" > "Guest Control" > "Hotspot" panel > uncheck "Use Test Account"


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