UniFi VoIP - 3CX: SIP Configuration


Readers will learn how to configure a SIP account in 3CX, and configure SIP settings in the UVP.


3CX Configuration

In order to configure your 3CX installation for extensions on Ubiquiti UVP phones, first run the 3CX Management Console and login into your 3CX system:


After logging in, you are shown the Extension Status page. To create new extensions, select Add from the menu and then Extension. You will then be redirected to the Add Extension page.



You will then be shown a form where you will have to fill in the following fields in the User information section of the General tab:


Extension number

Extension number to dial to reach this user

First Name

It becomes part of the Caller ID and is displayed in the extension status

Last Name

It becomes part of the Caller ID and is displayed in the extension status

Email Address

E-mail address used for voicemail notifications for this extension. Disabled if left blank.


Then fill in the following fields in the Authentication section:



The registration ID. Must be the same as the User name in the UVP


Password used for the extension; it is automatically generated when you create a new extension.



In the VoiceMail tab set these values:


Enable Voicemail

Set it to enabled

Pin Number

This is the password used to access the voicemail system. This password can only contain numbers (It is automatically generated). A user can change the password you enter here after logging into the voicemail system (999) with a phone.

Once the configuration is finished click on the Apply button. You will be redirected to the

Extension Created page that shows all the information related to the extension you have just created.


UVP Configuration

If you have not already followed the Initial Configuration steps in this article Standalone UniFi VoIP Phone Configuration Guide please complete these before continuing.  If you have any questions about the following settings or what they mean please refer to the article above in the SIP Configuration section. 


The fields that you need to fill in here are:



IP or hostname of your 3CX PBX

User name

Set it to the value you used in the Extension number field in the User information section shown above


Set it to the value of the Password field in the Authentication section

Voicemail number