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EdgeRouter - How to Configure an Interface


Readers will learn how to configure an interface manually on an EdgeRouter. An easier way to create interfaces would be by using the Setup Wizard in the EdgeRouter's WebUI.

Applicable to the latest EdgeOS firmware on all EdgeRouter models. Knowledge of the Command Line Interface (CLI) and basic networking knowledge is required. 

Table of Contents

  1. Steps How to Configure an Interface
  2. Testing & Verification

Steps: How to Configure an Interface

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1. Enter Configuration Mode 

ubnt@router:~$ configure  

2. Set IP Address

ubnt@router# set interfaces ethernet eth0 address

3. Set Interface Description

ubnt@router# set interfaces ethernet eth0 description "LAN"

To view the possible completions for the eth0 address, enter set interfaces ethernet eth0 address and press the ? key or tab key twice.

ubnt@router# set interfaces ethernet eth0 address                              
Possible completions:                                                           
 <x.x.x.x/x>   IP address and prefix length                                    
               IPv6 address and prefix length                                  
 dhcp          Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol                              

 dhcpv6 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for IPv6   

4. Compare Changes

These changes affect the working configuration, not the active configuration. To see what changes have been made to the working configuration, use the compare command:

ubnt@ubnt# compare                                                              
[edit interfaces ethernet eth0]                                                 
+description "LAN"                                                   

5. Commit Changes

ubnt@router# commit                                                               

If you reboot the EdgeRouter, the changes will be lost. To save these changes, use the save command to save the active configuration to the boot configuration.

ubnt@router# save                                                                 
Saving configuration to '/config/config.boot'...                                

Testing & Verification

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In operational mode of the CLI you can use "show interfaces to view the status of interfaces.

ubnt@router:~$ show interfaces                                                    
Codes: S - State, L - Link, u - Up, D - Down, A - Admin Down                    
Interface    IP Address                        S/L  Description                 
---------    ----------                        ---  -----------                 
eth0                      u/u  LAN              
eth1         -                                 u/D                              
eth2         -                                 u/D                              
eth3         -                                 u/D                              
eth4         -                                 u/D                              
eth5         -                                 u/D                              
eth6         -                                 u/D                              
lo                        u/u