EdgeRouter - Configuration Mode


In this article, readers will learn about Configuration Mode in EdgeOS. While in Configuration Mode, changes can be made to the configuration file of the EdgeRouter.

To switch to configuration mode, use the configure command.

ubnt@ubnt:~$ configure                                                          

For the showset, and delete commands, you can press the ? key for help.

Note: The question mark does not display onscreen.

  • set ? - View the available commands.
  • show ? - View the settings that you have configured. (Because configurations vary, the list you see will differ from the sample list displayed below.)
  • delete ? - View the settings that you can delete.

Enter show and press the ? key.

ubnt@ubnt# show
firewall         interfaces         protocol         service         system

To display the available command completions, press the tab key.

Note: The tab does not display onscreen.

ubnt@ubnt# show
Possible completions:                                                           
 firewall    Firewall
 interfaces  Network interfaces          
 protocols   Routing protocol parameters                                    
 service     Services                                                        
 system      System parameters

The EdgeRouter uses three configurations:

  • Working - When you make changes to the working configuration, they are not applied until you commit the changes to the active configuration.
  • Active - When you commit changes to the active configuration, they are applied; however, the changes do not become part of the boot configuration until you save the changes to the boot configuration.
  • Boot - When the EdgeRouter reboots, it loads the boot configuration for use.

The following scenarios cover some of the most commonly used commands: