UniFi - USG Troubleshooting: How to Reset to Default Settings


This article describes the three different methods to factory reset a UniFi Security Gateway (USG, USG-Pro-4, and USG-XG.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Hard Reset (Device Button)
  3. Reset via UniFi Network Controller
  4. Reset via SSH
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Users can use three different methods to restore a UniFi Security Gateway (USG) to its factory default settings. Either with the hard reset (reset button on the device), the soft reset (via the UniFi Controller), or via SSH.

ATTENTION: Do not disconnect power to the device during the reset process. Resetting your device will wipe out all history and running configuration on the device. The USG will show disconnected on the UniFi Network Controller web UI. When performing a factory default reset it is also advised to "forget" the USG from the controller as it will have a new SSH identity after reset. This will prevent it from being "re-adopted" since the controller stores this key. 

Hard Reset (Device Button)

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1. Using a paper clip, or another similar object, press and hold the reset button found on the ports' side of the device, until the orange LED above the VoIP/WAN2/LAN2 port begins to flash quickly.

2. Once the LED glows solidly, release the reset button.

3. Wait 60+ seconds for the default configuration to be restored. Do not unplug the device during the reset process.


1. Using a paper clip, or another pin-like object, press the hold the reset button located on the right of the ports' side of the device. Keep pressing the reset button until the LED-lit square on the left side of the device starts flashing white.

2. After releasing the reset button the device will be reset to default settings, and then reboot. 

Reset via UniFi Network Controller

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NOTE: The USG must be in a "connected" state for this process to complete. If it is not connected please use another method of resetting the device.

1. While logged in to the UniFi Network Controller, click on the Devices icon on the left side menu.

2. Select the USG you wish to reset from the list by clicking on it. This will open the Device Properties panel.

3. Go to the Configuration tab.

4. Click on Manage Device to expand the section. 

5. Scroll down to Forget this Device and click on Forget. 

Reset via SSH

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1. Open an SSH session to the USG. If unsure how to SSH into the USG, see the Related Articles below.

2. Type ​set-default ​and hit enter.

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