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airMAX - Pass Management Traffic as Tagged and Access VLAN as Untagged on Station LAN


Readers will learn how to untag a VLAN on the LAN port of a Station/CPE.  To see how to add a Management VLAN, please see this Community post.

Both airMAX radios need to have WDS enabled and should be on the latest firmware. VLANs passing through the AP radio do not need to be configured on the AP, only on the device that is tagging/untagging. This article is applicable to both M and AC airMAX devices.

Configuration Steps

At this point we assume the Station has already been configured as a management VLAN (please see link above).

  1. Navigate to the Network tab, switch from Configuration Mode to Advanced.
  2. Under VLAN Network, add the VLAN you want to untag. For this example, the VLAN we are using is 107. Since it is coming in tagged over the wireless interface, we want to add VLAN 107 under WLAN0 and hit Add.
  3. Under the Bridge Network section, we want to remove WLAN0 from Bridge0 and add WLAN0.107.
  4. Now hit Change at the bottom and then Apply.

This is what the configuration described above should look like in the Network tab:

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airMAX - Pass VLAN Traffic as Tagged and Management as Untagged

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