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UniFi - UAP Stuck in Adopting State


This article describes possible causes and the solution for when after beginning adoption, the UAP remains in an ADOPTING state for a long period, without success. In some cases, the UAP appears with a status of ADOPTION FAILED in the controller.

Table of Contents

  1. Software Firewall / Anti-virus prevents communication between controller and UAP
  2. UAP is unable to reach the UniFi controller
  3. UAP continues with default IP of—issue with DHCP server
  4. Testing & Verification
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Software Firewall / Anti-virus prevents communication between controller and UAP

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1. Disable Firewall (e.g., Windows Firewall) when testing connectivity between controller & UAPs.

2. Assuming UAPs appear online, adjust the Firewall / AV settings to allow incoming/outgoing connections for UniFi controller (including ports).

UAP is unable to reach the UniFi controller

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  1. Wait up to 30 seconds and refresh the controller page
  2. If the UAP is still "adopting", make sure the AP has access to the Internet  by connecting to the AP via SSH and pinging unifi (it should come back right away, even if it fails).
  3. Assuming AP can ping the gateway, use a PC on the same network as the UAP and go through the Wizard, using default username/password and write down its IP address.
  4. Install latest version of UniFi and go through the wizard steps. Using the default username/password (might be root/ubnt or ubnt/ubnt) as admin's username/password connect UniFi APs and laptop (with controller installed) to the same router.
  5. Check the router and write down the IPs of the AP (can be found under DHCP client table of router).
  6. SSH into each problematic AP and issue ' restore-default'

UAP continues with default IP of—issue with DHCP server

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  1. Make sure that the DHCP server is active (the router in network is performing this function)
  2. If router is leasing DHCP address to UAP, try ping/SSH again (UAP may be faulty)
  3. From the controller, make sure the AP does obtain the IP from DHCP, take note of the IP from the Controller, SSH into the AP (using the IP, the default username/password) and obtain the logs for support to study, by issuing: tail -f /var/log/messages
  4. Copy and send the text output to [email protected]

If using the Layer-3 SSH method, the set-inform command was not issued twice.

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The set-inform command must be issued twice. Otherwise the device will disconnect after appearing to adopt. The process to adopt via SSH is the following (see more details in our UniFi - Device Adoption Methods for Remote UniFi Controllers article):

1. Issue the set-inform command. 

2. The device will appear ready for adoption in the controller. Click Adopt.

3. Wait for the 'Adopting' status to appear on the UniFi controller, then issue the set-inform command again. 

User Tip: If you're unsure when to issue the second set-inform, other users suggest to click Adopt, count to 25 and issue the command again.

4. The device should now change to a 'Provisioning' status and then to 'Connected' shortly thereafter.

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