How To Sign Up for Early Access


This article explains how to join Ubiquiti's Early Access Program, which provides access to the Beta blogs.

NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: Chrome is required for early access, as it is the only officially supported Ubiquiti-product browser.    

Steps to Sign Up

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1. Log in to our Community and access your account by hovering over your username found on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then click Account.

2. In your Account Settings, click on Early Access Program. 

User Tip: If you face issues with a spinning circle, please first force a refresh (not from cache) by pressing either CTRL+F5 or CTLR+SHIFT+R (Windows/Linux), or CMD+SHIFT+R (macOS). If the spinning circle issue persists you may need to use private/incognito mode so that add-ons are disabled.


3. Carefully read the Early Access Program Terms of Service and Guidelines, and if you are in agreement, scroll down and check the box to accept the terms and click on the JOIN NOW button you will find at the bottom of that screen. 

User Tip: If you do not see a Join button at the bottom, it is because you already have Beta access. If you're still unsure, you can verify by trying to see this link. It should take you to the Translations forum.

4. You will now see a message welcoming you to the Early Access Program, you can access the different Early Access Program forums by clicking on the corresponding product line. It might be necessary to log out and back in to activate your early access.

Thanks for helping us make our products the best they can be!

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