UNMS - Beta Update Guide


This guide explains how to update to specific version of the UNMS project. This is intended to provide the user with the most recent UNMS features and improvements. Be advised that reverting back to the stable version may sometimes be possible only with a complete reinstall and related loss of data. We only recommend this feature for experienced users.

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  1. Steps - How to Install a Specific UNMS Version
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Steps - How to Install a Specific UNMS Version

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Use this guide if you want to try out the beta version of UCRM.

warning_25x25white.png WARNING:

You may not be able to switch back to a previous version in some cases. E.g. moving from 0.11.0 to 0.10.4 was not possible (without data loss) due to the introduction of nginx.

Use installation script argument --version <version> to install a specific UNMS version other than the latest official release. This is for testing purposes only. Downgrading to an earlier version will likely corrupt your existing data. Upgrading to a newer -rc or -dev version before it is officially released can cause errors that will prevent further upgrades.

Use the --update flag to preserve existing UNMS configuration without having to specify all the installation arguments again.

$ curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Ubiquiti-App/UNMS/master/install.sh > /tmp/unms_install.sh && sudo bash /tmp/unms_install.sh --version 0.9.0 --update

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