UNMS - Presentation Mode


In this article we will describe how to fully test UNMS capabilities even before adding a very large number of devices.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Access Presentation Mode
  3. Demo Mode Features
  4. Disabling Demo Mode
  5. Related Articles


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Access the public online demo: https://unms-demo.ubnt.com/

This guide will provide information about local Presentation Mode. It allows users to try out the system filled with tester devices, without going through the effort of connecting hundreds of devices themselves. It also eliminates the risk of rewriting functional configuration on live production devices, rendering them inoperable.

How to Access Presentation Mode

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1. You can simply go to https://unms-demo.ubnt.com/, or in your UNMS GUI click on your username in top right corner and click Preferences.


2. Enable Presentation mode.


3. UNMS will immediately switch to Presentation mode.


Demo Mode Features

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  • Devices: 100 tester devices available in the Presentation mode.
  • Sites and clients: Predefined Sites and Clients with the corresponding devices assigned to them.
  • Tasks: There are several tasks set up in the task manager.

Disabling Demo Mode

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When you want to end Presentation mode, just follow the same process described in the How to Access Presentation Mode section, and disable the Presentation mode toggle.

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