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In this article we describe how to back up or migrate UNMS application data.

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  1. Introduction
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Backing up your data is always a good idea, but it is especially important in certain scenarios. For example, if you will be migrating UNMS to a different server; or if you want to try out different features or configurations on UNMS. Performing a back up first is a best practice that allows you to experiment without the danger of losing the settings you are already comfortable with.

How to Backup UNMS Application Data

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UNMS data is stored in /home/unms/data on the Docker host, this includes settings, logs, statistics, images, backups, and SSL certificates.

Database Backup - Settings, Logs, and Statistics

Note that backing up or migrating the databases can be done from within the UNMS app. This may be easier for most users. See Settings > Maintenance > Backup. This tool allows users to back up and restore the database instead of moving the /home/unms/data folder.

How to Back Up the UNMS Data Folder

For data backup, you must first pause the running containers. Go to the directory, where your docker-compose.yml is located (probably /home/unms). Then archive the data and save it somewhere safe. As the final step, unpause the containers.

# go to your UNMS home directory
cd /home/unms

#stop docker containers
sudo /home/unms/app/unms-cli stop

# pack the data directory
sudo tar -cvjSf unms-data.tar.bz2 data

# start docker containers
sudo /home/unms/app/unms-cli start

This set of commands will create an archive for all UNMS settings and data. Then you can move it to another machine or archive.

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