UFiber - Initial Configuration


This article will give all of the necessary information to setup UFiber OLT (UF-OLT) and UFiber Nano G (UF-Nano) for the first time.

This article applies to the latest firmware versions for UFiber OLT and ONUs. Devices used in this article:

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction & Diagram
  2. Management Interface
  3. SFP+ Uplink Configuration
  4. ONU Profile Creation
  5. ONU Profile Assignment
  6. Related Articles

Introduction & Diagram

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The UFiber GPON equipment is designed to provide robust hardware that is ease to deploy and manage. This article will give the steps needed to successfully configure the OLT for the first time.

Management Interface

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By default, the UF-OLT ships with the management interface set to

1. Connect the Management Ethernet interface on the UF-OLT to a PC within the same network.

2. In a web browser navigate to the IP of the UF-OLT:

You now have the option to set the management interface (br0) to a static IP or to obtain an address using DHCP.


SFP+ Uplink Configuration

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In a default configuration, the Native VLAN on the SFP+ port is set to 4063 to passthrough the default VLAN1 from an upstream device to all ONUs that are assigned a default profile. VLANs can be configured to pass VLANs from upstream to ONUs.

Shown below we have added VLANs 100, 200, and 300 as included VLANs by clicking Actions > Config button in the OLT GUI for the SFP+1 or SFP+2 interface.


NOTE: It is not necessary to have a native VLAN set on this interface. It is important to note that this interface will not have an assigned IP address. This acts much like a trunk port on a switch were the port itself will not have an IP address, however, it will pass all VLANs that have been set in the "Included VLANs" section.


For initial connectivity make sure to set the speed manually for the SFP+ to match the remote side SFP port speed.

ONU Profile Creation

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Another mandatory step for allowing the device connected to an ONU to obtain an IP address from a VLAN is to create an ONU Profile in the UF-OLT GUI under the "ONU Profiles" tab.

In this example, we will click on the Add Profile button on the ONU Profiles page. With VLAN 100 added in the Native VLAN field and VLAN 200 added in the Included VLAN field all devices connected to the LAN port on this ONU with this assigned profile will obtain an IP in the VLAN 100 network and have access to the VLAN 200 network.


ONU Profile Assignment

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Once an ONU Profile is created, now you may assign that profile to one of the connected ONUs. The device connected to that ONU will now obtain an IP in the Native VLAN.


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