UniFi - Device Disconnects after Adoption

When adopting a UniFi device with the Layer-3 SSH method, it enters ADOPTING state, but disconnects a few minutes later.

The set-inform command must be issued twice. Otherwise the device will disconnect after appearing to adopt. The process to adopt via SSH is the following (see more details in the Related Article below):

1. Issue the set-inform command. 

2. The device will appear ready for adoption in the controller. Click Adopt.

3. Wait for the 'Adopting' status to appear on the UniFi controller, then issue the set-inform command again. 

book_25x25.png User tip: if you're unsure when to issue the second set-inform, other users suggest to click Adopt, count to 25 and issue the command again.

4. The device should now change to a 'Provisioning' status and then to 'Connected' shortly thereafter.

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