UniFi - Getting Started with the UniFi Mobile App


This is an introductory article about the UniFi Mobile app. It describes some of its features, its limitations and some configurations that can be done to your UniFi network while you're on the go. Join the discussion in the UniFi Wireless forum or make a feature requests in the UniFi Mobile Requests page.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. What can the UniFi Mobile App do?

3. Configuration Scenarios

3.1 Standalone Mode: How to adopt a new access point, configure it and block a client.

3.2 Controller Mode: Accessing different controllers and sites

3.3 Controller Mode: Configuring a Device

3.4 Controller Mode: Configuring a Client

4. Future Plans

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The UniFi Mobile app is the mobile user interface (UI) for UniFi. You can keep an eye on your network or make quick configuration adjustments when you are on the go. This is a great solution for around the clock network support. There are versions for Android and iOS, available for free on the App stores. The app is also connected to the Ubiquiti blog, so you can keep up to date with the newest developments.

What can the UniFi Mobile App do?

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The UniFi Mobile app is a great solution for users who want to adopt and use standalone access points without a web controller. Standalone  software features include: easy and automatic device discovery, check your AP's status, basic configuration, see who's connected to your network, and you can block/unblock clients from afar.

For clients that do have a controller already set up, the UniFi Mobile app allows them to make adjustments or configurations while they're on the go. They will be able to perform actions such as:

  • Configure a new Cloud Key
  • Access and manage controllers from almost anywhere in the world
  • Almost all features present in the web controller. Some are currently missing, such as routing, profiles, services and maps; a few other features might be reduced in functionality.
  • Throughput test from mobile device to controller

Configuration Scenarios

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With the UniFi Mobile app a user can do any number of things. Some basic scenarios of activities that can be achieved through the app include:

  • Configure a new AP as standalone
  • Check status and connected clients of a standalone AP
  • Configure a new Cloud Key
  • Connect to controller (locally/remotely)
  • Monitor devices/clients, dashboard, statistics, DPI
  • Change configuration of devices/APs/switches/gateways
  • Change controller settings
  • Throughput test

The following section shows the Standalone mode in a brand new, out of the box UniFi AC HD access point.

Standalone Mode: How to adopt a new access point, configure it and block a client.

1. Connect the access point to the internet and power (you may use a UniFi Switch to get both at the same time). Open the UniFi Mobile app, and wait for the device to appear under Discovered Devices. Tap on the device you want to adopt.

info_i_25x25.png Note: If a WiFi network is not set up yet, tap the + button and follow the wizard that appears before continuing with the following steps. 



2. This will take you to the Overview screen. Now to configure your device, select Configure in the upper right hand corner.


3. If the default username, password and country haven't been changed yet, this screen will appear for you to do just that. Make your changes and tap Done. 


4. In the Configuration screen you can change several settings. Change the device's name for easy identification; turn on/off the device's LED; configure the Radios and WLANs; see what version the device is running on and upgrade from here directly. You can also reset the device to factory defaults by clicking on the red Reset button. Don't forget to hit Save on the upper, right hand corner after making any changes.


5. Going back to the Device screen, from here you can perform specific actions on that device, such as: locating and restarting it, or checking the RF environment. This is also where you would access the clients. You can view the blocked clients or connected clients by clicking on the section you want.


6. Click Connected Clients to view the list of connected clients. Click on the client you want to see.


7. Here you can view the client information, including how long it has been connected to your network, and the traffic it is responsible for. Click Block to make this client unable to connect to this access point. 


Controller Mode: Accessing different controllers and sites

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1. Open the UniFi Mobile app. Any unadopted, connected devices will appear as ready for adoption here. Log in with your UBNT account and your controllers will appear under the Cloud Access section.

2. Once you have selected a controller, you will access the dashboard. From here you can tap on Controllers to go back to the previous screen and select another controller, or you can click Sites in the upper right hand corner to select different sites within that controller. In the bottom toolbar, navigate to Devices, Clients, Statistics or More.

3. The More screen contains the AlertsHotspot Manager, Settings, Throughput Test, Ubiquiti Blog...and more. 


Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.49.21.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.51.25.png

Controller Mode: Configuring a Device

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1. Once you are logged into the app and have selected your controller, tap on Devices on the bottom bar. This will bring you to a screen with a list of all your controller's devices. Tap a device to select it and go to its Overview screen, where you can see its most crucial information, as well as locating or restarting your device from this screen. You can also click on Configure on the upper right hand corner to make adjustments to this device.

2. In the Configuration screen, you can change the Alias of the device for easier identification and configure close to the same things you would in the Web Controller. 3. Scroll further down to access the Manage Device section where you can perform custom upgrades, disable, provision or finally Forget a device if you no longer want to manage this device. All configurations set by the Web Controller or the Mobile app will be wiped out.


Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.54.03.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.54.06.png

Controller Mode: Configuring a Client

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1. Tap on Clients in the bottom toolbar. This will open a list of all clients. Select the one you wish to look into by tapping on its name.

2. On the Client screen you can see its general information and from here you can see the results of the Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), see History, Statistics and you can Block or Reconnect them. Click on Configure in the upper right hand corner to make adjustments to this client. 3. From the Client Configuration screen you can change the client's Alias for easier identification, change its User Group, or Network if you want to use a fixed IP Address.


Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.54.21.png Simulator_Screen_Shot_17_Aug_2017__17.54.28.png


Future Plans

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The UniFi Mobile team is working hard to:

  • Adapt and add missing features that are present in the web controller.
  • Throughput heat maps and maps in general.
  • Push notifications.
  • Today widget.

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