UniFi - Introducing the UAP-SHD


This is a brief introduction of the UniFi UAP-SHD, and as its name states, this is the perfect AP for a secure, high-density deployment. With its built-in, dedicated security and monitoring radios, the SHD provides visibility into site performance, channel planning, and local interferers, allowing for a quick and easy response with the UniFi Controller. 

Table of Contents

  1. Why the UAP-SHD
  2. How does it work?
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Why the UAP-SHD?

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With the SHD, unprecedented network security meets best-available performance. There is no need to sacrifice good connectivity for the sake of security anymore. This is the perfect AP for high density environments where sensitive information is being transferred over the network. Banks, hospitals, universities, corporate environments: any deployment where user data safety is not only crucial, but must be actively monitored. Let the UAP-SHD do that for you.

How does it work?

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The SHD has three key features that make it perfect for the job:

  • The airTime feature gives real-time visibility into channel utilization at packet level.
  • The airView feature gives real-time visibility into RF environment across all available channels.
  • The dedicated dual-band radio constantly monitors and protects against threats.

Find more information in the SHD's Datasheet and Quick Start Guide, found at the bottom of the UAP-SHD page here.

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