UniFi - How to Connect Remotely to a Locally Installed Controller

This guide will go over the steps to enable the free cloud access and management of UniFi devices from a locally installed controller.


book_25x25.png  NOTES & REQUIREMENTS: A UBNT account is needed to use cloud access via https://unifi.ubnt.com.


System Requirements:

- Windows 7/8/8.1/10: UniFi Controller Software v4.8.15 or above

- Mac OS X: UniFi Controller Software v4.8.15 or above

- Linux: Please search for the release notes for your Linux operating system here to determine if your version has any specific requirements outside of the general information provided here.

- Java 32 and 64

- Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Windows IE 10 (or above)

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps: How to Connect to the Controller Remotely
  3. Testing & Verification


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Some users may want to manage multiple local installations at one time but are unsure of the best way to do so. Users that have installed the controller locally and are connected to the network have the option to use cloud access to review network performance even when they are not physically connected to this same network. Enabling cloud access within the controller settings allows users to view and monitor their networks from the https://unifi.ubnt.com website, by using their UBNT credentials.  

Steps: How to Connect to the Controller Remotely

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Click on any image to zoom in another tab.

Step 1: Log into your local controller as usual:


Step 2: Open the controller's Settings > Cloud Access.

Step 3: Turn the Enable Cloud Access feature ON. 

Step 4:  Enter https://unifi.ubnt.com credentials on login request and select Enable Cloud Access:

info_i_25x25.png Note: If you have not yet created an account please do so now. Once an account is created you may need to return to Step 1 of this article.

Optional Step:  You may have enabled two factor Authentication (2FA) if so you will see the following splash screen and will be required to enter the 2FA code to proceed:


Step 5: Click on Apply Changes when you see that "Enable cloud access" is "On", and your https://unifi.ubnt.com credentials are displayed in the "Configured For" section of the page and the green status is "Connected":

The page will refresh and you can test your settings by visiting the https://unifi.ubnt.com website 


Testing & Verification

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Step 1: Login to your Cloud Access control page on https://unifi.ubnt.com with your proper credentials:

Step 2: Your local controller should be displayed with a Computer Icon similar to the Demo Controller as shown below:

Access the controller by clicking the Blue "Launch" arrow/Icon in your Local Controller's Row. You should have full access to your controller!

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