airFiber - What is the BER (Bit Error Rate) on airFiber radios?

BER (Bit Error Rate) is a very popular measurement of the percentage of packet with errors on a digital link. A BER value of 10 - 6 = (1/1000000), means that of every 1.000.000 received packets 1 has errors and must be retransmitted, which is considered a very good link. On the other hand, a link with a BER of 10 - 3 = (1/1000), is considered a very bad or damaged link (according to the IEC 608720-3 and IEC 60801-4).

airFiber thanks to its revolutionary system has an effective BER = 0, which means that of every received packets 0 has errors. How is this possible? airFiber uses hitless adaptive modulation and an ARQ scheme over the radio link to ensure that no bit errors are delivered over the link.


More information about BER available here: