Article Icons

Welcome to our Help Center! You will find some icons throughout our articles that will guide you to important information.

book_25x25.png Requisites or important notes before you begin
info_i_25x25.png Notes
warning_25x25.png Warnings
checkmark_25x25.png Best practice
X_25x25.png Should not be done
www.png GUI/Web Interface instructions
CLI_circle.png Command Line instructions
thumbs_up_i_25x25.png Thumbs up!
feedback_25x25.png Feedback
archived_blue.png Archived Article, it will no longer be updated.



info_i_25x25white.png NOTE:

This is the tester "note" table. 


book_25x25white.png NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:

This is the tester "requirements" table. Used at the beginning of articles.


warning_25x25white.png WARNING:

This is the tester "warning" table.