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This is an introductory article about UMobile. It will describe some of its features, limitations and go over three scenarios that can be done via the app. Join the discussion with questions or solutions in the UMobile forum.

book_25x25.png    NOTES & REQUIREMENTS:

Android v4.2 or higher is required for UMobile to function properly.

Table of Contents


What can UMobile do?

Configuration Scenarios

Steps: How to Install a New CPE

Steps: How to Re-align an Existing CPE

Steps: How to Check Connected Stations

Future Plans

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The UMobile App is the mobile user interface (UI) for airMAX, EdgeRouter, EdgePoint and airCube (now in the Beta Store. Find more information on the Beta Store here). There are versions for Android and iOS, available for free on the App stores.

What can UMobile do?

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UMobile is a very complete app that allows users to configure and manage devices from our airMAX, EdgeRouter, EdgePoint and airCube (now in Beta Store) lines. It also works with U-Installer (also in Beta Store right now).

With UMobile users can perform the same system configuration and monitoring as they would on the Web UI (with the one exception of advanced mode in network configuration). Some software features available on UMobile are: device discovery, status visibility, site survey, configuration, antenna alignment, configuration backup and sharing, firmware upgrades, and speedtest running, among others.

In fact, there are some features that are included in UMobile, which are not found in the Web UI. For example:

  • Credentials memory: UMobile remembers connection credentials, such as: IP, username, password.
  • Automatic IP detection: If the user changes the device's IP address, UMobile can automatically detect the new IP address and re-connect to it without user intervention.
  • Continuous site survey: UMobile runs a site survey in a loop and shows current and best signal for every discovered network. A technician could move the antenna around, adjusting it, for a few minutes and then very easily check what was discovered and what strength of signal was achieved. 

Configuration Scenarios

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With UMobile a user can do any number of things. Some basic scenarios of activities that can be achieved through the app include:

  • Install a new CPE or AP with the U-Installer. The new U-Installer (in the Beta Store now) is a portable AP with an internal battery and single ethernet port with 24V PoE, all this enabling a user to connect any airMAX device to the U-Installer port and start an installation without the need of cabling.
  • Realign an existing CPE using UMobile's antenna alignment feature.
  • Check connected stations
  • Measure connection speeds
  • Discover existing devices on connected network

In the following three sections, find step by step guides for three: how to install a new CPE, how to realign an existing CPE and how to check connected stations.

Steps: How to Install a New CPE

1. Open UMobile, click on the + button and select Discover.


2. UMobile will display all discovered devices on the current WiFi network.


3. Click on the device to be installed and UMobile will connect to it and show its status.


4. Open left menu and select Site Survey. 



5. UMobile will automatically start scanning for new wireless networks on the airMAX device. It will run a scan in an infinite loop and show the best signal for every found network, considering all the consolidated information of all scan rounds. A user could run Site Survey, put their mobile in their pocket, walk around the antenna and then just check the networks that were found and their signal strength. The user would then just choose the network he wishes to connect to, click it, and UMobile will open the configuration screen.


6. In the Configuration screen enter the usual information (you will recognize it from the airMAX Web UI). When finished, click Save and the configuration will be applied to the device.


7. After the configuration is applied, it will be possible to check the new status of the device.


8. Done! The device has been configured and is now connected!

Steps: How to Re-align an Existing CPE

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1. Connect to the airMAX device and click on Antenna Alignment found in the left menu.

The Antenna Alignment screen will display the signal for all chains, signal strength on both sides and also historic values of signal strength which will help in finding optimal signal.


This screen also supports audio signal alignment. When enabled, the android device will generate a tone with a frequency related to signal strength. Meaning a user could put their android device in their pocket and have both hands free to align an antenna.

Steps: How to Check Connected Stations

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1. Connect to the airMAX device in Access Point mode.


2. Click Stations on the left hand menu, or click on the Access Point label (Access Point 24 in the image above) on the Status screen.


3. UMobile will display a list of connected stations, users can choose if you want to see total transferred data for each station or current throughput.


Future Plans

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The UMobile team is working hard to:

  • Add support for EdgeSwitch and airFiber
  • Add Advanced Mode Network Configuration
  • Connect with UNMS and UCRM. UMobile will be the mobile app for both of these systems.

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