airMAX - Non-airMAX WiFi Connectivity for airMAX Devices


This article explains how to provide WiFi to mobile clients by disabling airMAX on devices. This is an outdated feature that came before our UniFi Wireless products became available.

warning_25x25.png   WARNING: This feature is no longer supported. We recommend to always use our line of UniFi Wireless products for WiFi. This article has been created to guide users who wish to use this outdated feature, but unfortunately our Support team will not be able to assist in any troubleshooting on the topic, for questions on this subject, go to the Community.

Steps to Configure

1. In the Wireless tab, make sure your device is in Wireless Mode: Access Point 

2. Set Channel Width to 20Mhz

3. Click Change

4. Navigate to the Ubiquiti Tab


5. Disable airMAX


6. Click Change then Apply

7. Now you should be able to connect your mobile clients to the airMAX device.