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This article gives topology examples and explains the benefits of using UFiber GPON equipment and covers basic knowledge on how to implement GPON equipment.

This article applies to the following firmware and devices listed below. Please see our Related Articles for more information on Implementing UFiber GPON.
Devices used in this article:

Table of Contents

  1. Why GPON?
  2. Topology Overview
  3. UFiber EcoSystem
  4. Familiar Topology
  5. Related Articles


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These are some of the characteristics and advantages of choosing to use GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network):

  • The purpose of GPON is to carry Ethernet packets across much further distances with less noise and greater bandwidth.
  • Consider the GPON network as a high-bandwidth, long distance carrier for Ethernet Packets.
  • UFiber GPON allows for Triple Play such as providing Internet, Voice, & TV See this Guide for implementing Triple Play.
  • GPON uses a Passive Optical Network with Single-Mode Fiber which allows long distances without the need for “active” distribution points.
  • Mass deployment scenarios are capable for multi-dwelling units (MDUs)

Topology Overview

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In the topology example above, you will see that the traffic typically flows from WAN to a router such as an EdgeRouter Infinity, to an EdgeSwitch 16-XG (optional), to the UFiber OLT using SFP+ ports. The UFiber OLT can then be populated with up to eight Class B+ (UF-GP-B+) or Class C+ (UF-GP-C+) GPON Modules. The differences between B+ and C+ modules is discussed here. Each module will connect to a PLC Splitter with up to 128 UFiber ONUs such as the Nano G, on each PON port. The max distance from OLT to ONU is 20km.


In this second topology example you will see that you can plan for capacity with up to 1024 Nano G ONUs connected to one UFiber OLT. Using tools to properly calculate your link budget, you will notice that due to attenuation when planning for client capacity, you will not get the full 20km range. See our UFiber GPON - Designing a GPON Network article for more details.  

UFiber EcoSystem

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Using the full Ubiquiti EcoSystem, you can easily monitor and maintain your customers and equipment. In the above diagram, you will see examples of Ubiquiti equipment and software that make your UFiber deployment efficient, scalable, and easy to maintain.


1. UniFi XG Server - This server is running UNMS which allows monitoring and managing everything from EdgeRouter, UFiber OLT, EdgeSwitch, airCube, and more from a single web interface. (full support for airCube, AmpliFi, and more coming soon)

The UniFi XG Server is also running UCRM software which allows monitoring and maintaining customers. This feature rich software will allow you to have a customer database with automatic and recurring payments, invoicing, client payment portal, automatic suspension for non-payment, service ticket logging, and more. When using EdgeRouter, simply assigning a service level to a customer and turning on QoS will provision the router QoS settings to limit traffic according to the assigned IP to the customer device.

2. EdgeRouter Infinity - Using this 10Gb (SFP+) core router allows for easily deployed high-capacity core routing for wide deployment options and high traffic levels.

3. EdgeSwitch 16 XG - Using this 10Gb (SFP+) switch allows for connecting multiple 10Gb devices like the UniFi XG Server, multiple UF-OLTs, and more.

4. UFiber OLT - Used to connect all UFiber ONUs to the core network as explained under the Topology Overview section.

End Points

1. airCube - Integrated Wi-Fi Router with PoE out to provide client Wi-Fi and wired connectivity inside with a single PoE output cable run to the UFiber ONU such as the UF-Nano G or UF-Loco.

2. AmpliFi - Consumer wireless router with optional mesh-points for a high coverage area and advanced feature set.

3. EdgeRouterX - Low cost router with PoE passthrough to supply power and data to the ONU with one cable. UniFi APs can easily be added to the EdgeRouter for client wireless connectivity.

4. EdgeRouter 4 - High performance router to provide advanced routing capabilities.

5. UF-Nano G or UF-Loco in bridge mode passes network traffic to a switch for multiple connected devices without NAT at the end point.


Familiar Topology

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An analogy of this would be an airMax network where you have an Access Point (OLT in GPON) with many CPEs connected (Nano Gs in GPON).

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