UFiber GPON - Supported Third-Party OLTs


Find in this article which Third-Party OLTs have been tested with the NanoG. This article also describes two ways to change profiles on an ONU.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to change Profiles on ONU: webUI of NanoG
  3. How to change Profiles on ONU: NanoG Startup Configuration
  4. Settings for UFiber Nano ONU and FiberHome OLT Compatibility
  5. Related Articles


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UFiber NanoG is fully compatible with UFiber OLT and can be easily integrated into the UFiber OLT webUI as well as UNMS and UCRM. NanoG has also been tested with the following Third-Party OLTs.

Huawei (Profile 2 on NanoG)

  • MA5608T (FW version: MA5600V800R013C10)
  • MA5683T (FW version: MA5600V800R015C00 Patch: SPC101)

FiberHome (Profile 3 on NanoG)

  • AN5516-04 (FW version: VR3.2)

ZTE OLT (Profile 4 on NanoG)

  • (FW version: GTGOG V1.2.5P3)

How to change Profiles on ONU: webUI of NanoG

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Accessing the NanoG webUI from the LAN port of the NanoG (default address of NanoG is, you may access the profile option on the System Tab after clicking the gear icon on the sidebar.



How to change Profiles on ONU: NanoG Startup Configuration

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1. Unplug NanoG from power source.

2. Hold digital display button on NanoG.

3. While holding digital display button, plug power source in. Hold for 35 seconds.

4. Once dashes appear on the display, release the digital display button and press to cycle though profile options. Current options: Profile 1 (UFiber OLT, default), Profile 2 (Huawei), and Profile 3 (FiberHome).

5. Double click to confirm the profile.

6. The NanoG will automatically restart with the selected profile.

Settings for UFiber Nano ONU and FiberHome OLT Compatibility

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To use UFiber Nano ONU along with FiberHome OLT issue the following commands in the OLT:

Admin# cd gponlinecard
Admin\gponline# set pon_interconnection_switch slot 1 switch enable union_interconnect_switch enable

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