airMAX - Management VLAN: Router Mode


Readers will learn how to manage airMAX AC devices via VLAN (virtual interface) in Advanced configuration mode.

  • Applicable to airMAX AC devices on firmware airOS 8+. Not applicable to M devices.
  • Due to changes in the wireless driver, it is a requirement that WLAN0 is a member of a bridge. 
  • WARNING: If you have limited experience with configuring VLANS, it is highly recommended that you set this up in a test environment before you attempt on your production network. 

Steps: How to Perform Advanced Mode Configuration

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NOTE: In this example, VLAN10 is being used for management.

1. Navigate to the Network tab on the radio’s web interface.
2. Switch the Configuration Mode to Advanced.
3. Under VLAN Network click “Add” and add VLAN ID 10 on interface WLAN0. 


4. Navigate to Management Network Settings and select the new VLAN interface WLAN0.10 and insert your IP and Netmask.


5. At this point, the device should be reachable via VLAN 10. Save your changes to verify you can reach the device at the new IP address. If the device is unreachable, double check your router and switch configuration.

6. Now that you can reach the device on your management VLAN it is time to disable Management access on the other interfaces. You can do that by enabling Block Management Access under WAN Network Settings and LAN Network Settings.


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