Where is the MAC ID and Date Code?

Every UBNT device will have a MAC ID number printed on a small sticker or on the device itself somewhere on the back of the device. Some devices have silicon inserts to protect the ethernet port areas, remove the insert to expose the MAC ID. MAC IDs can also be found on the outside of product boxes.


The first 5 characters which end with a letter are the device's Date Code. The following 12 characters, a mixture of numbers and letters, will be the MAC ID. The image to the right shows Date Code underlined in blue, and the MAC ID, in green. The barcode itself is only the MAC ID, not including the date code. 


Device parts will not have MAC IDs, in these cases, when filling out the RMA form, use the Serial number (S/N) in the MAC Address space in the RMA form. Date Codes will not be required for these.


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