airMAX - Choosing the Correct Firmware for an AC Device


Readers will learn how to select the correct firmware for their airMAX AC devices.



How to choose the right firmware file for your airMax AC device


In 2015, we released the new airMax AC line of products. This new platform requires firmware different from the XM/XW for the airMax M line. airMax AC products use either XC or WA. You can easily check to see which firmware is needed for your specific model by checking the Main Dashboard of the webUI.




As you can see, the example device requires XC firmware. So, to upgrade the firmware we navigate to to download the XC firmware.


Here, you can see two different firmware platforms available for the AC product line.  Select the one that matches the firmware version on your device's Dashboard.


The latest firmware will always be available for download on

Always remember to run the latest firmware available as it is the most secure.