UniFi - L2TP Remote Access VPN with USG as RADIUS Server


This article describes how to set up L2TP VPN using the USG as a RADIUS Server.

Table of Contents

  1. Steps
  2. Windows Setup
  3. OS X Setup
  4. Notes
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1. Configure the USG as a RADIUS server. You may follow our How to Implement RADIUS Authentication article for guidance. 

2. Navigate to Settings > Networks > Create New Network in the UniFi Controller.


3. Fill out necessary fields as shown in the image above:

  • Purpose: Remote User VPN
  • VPN Type: L2TP Server
  • Pre-Shared Key: known as the pre-shared secret, will be entered along with the username and password (created in RADIUS users) on L2TP clients.
  • Gateway/Subnet: will need to be non-conflicting with any other networks present on the controller.
  • Name server and WINS servers: can be left auto / blank, unless further customizing the configuration is desired.
  • Site-to-Site VPN: expose this VPN as a site-to-site VPN by marking the checkbox.

4. Choose the Default RADIUS Profile from the dropdown.

5. Click SAVE.

Windows Setup

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If using a Windows machine to connect to L2TP, follow these steps to set it up:

Windows 10

1. Go to Settings

2. VPN > Add VPN connection

3. See the following screenshot and fill the information requested.


Windows Authentication setup

  1. Go to Control Panel > Network & Sharing settings > Change Adapter Settings
  2. Right click the L2TP adapter, then go to Properties > Security
  3. Under Type of VPN, select  Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol with IPsec
  4. Click Advanced Settings. Select preshared key for authentication and enter it.
  5. Make sure to have the option of Allow these protocols enabled and mark the checkbox for Check Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2), as shown in the screenshot below.



OS X Setup

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The OS X setup is more straightforward and no authentication modifications are needed.

1. Simply go to System Preferences > Network

2. Click the + button

2.1 Interface: VPN

2.2 VPN Type: L2TP over IPsec


 3. In Authentication settings enter the preshared key.




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  • L2TP doesn't have a route distribution method. If the setting on the client to route "all" traffic through the tunnel is not used, it will be necessary to add the manual routes on the client, to point to the USG's local networks.
  • Setting up L2TP will auto add firewall rules to WAN Local in Settings > Routing & Firewall, no manual rules are required on the user end.
  • In pre-4.3.41 USG firmware, L2TP remote access VPN will not work if there are already one or more site-to-site IPsec VPNs configured. Please update to the latest firmware.
  • If UPnP is configured on the USG, an ACL will need to be created to deny UDP ports 500/4500. See this Community post for more. This community post is in the Beta section of our Community, see this article to learn How to Sign Up for Beta Access.

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