UniFi - Migrating Sites with Site Export Wizard


This article will explain in detail how to use the UniFi Site Export Wizard to quickly and easily export sites from one Controller (including configuration and devices) to another.

The Site Export Wizard is compatible with UniFi Controller versions 5.4.11 and above.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Steps - How to Migrate a Site with the Site Export Wizard
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The Site Export Wizard allows UniFi administrators to export sites from one UniFi Controller to be managed by a different or new UniFi Controller. This was previously possible with manual configuration, but the wizard offers a more convenient, and user-friendly way to do this. This process can work to/from any type of UniFi Controller including locally hosted Controllers, Cloud Keys and UniFi Cloud Controllers, so long as Controller version is 5.4.11 or later.

There will be no network downtime, but the process of changing the Controller Inform URL (between step 10 and 11 of the instructions below) might take a few minutes, so devices will appear in the new Controller after a few minutes. This however, will not result in any downtime since the devices will continue to be managed at all times.


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NOTE: To minimize complications, make sure to complete every step of the process and to not skip any steps.

To get started, open the Controller and site from which you want to export devices/configuration. 

1. Go to Settings > Site

2. Select the gray “Export Site” button in the bottom-right of the page. This will initiate the wizard.

3. In the first step, click “Download Backup File” to download the file that contains your configuration to be imported into the Controller you are migrating to.

4. Next, import this site into your new Controller. To do so, open up your second Controller, click “Current Site - (Site Name)” in top-right of the display. Within this drop-down box select “Import Site” as shown:

5. You will then need to give this site a name (it does not have to match the original site name). Once you have named the site, select “Choose file” and select the backup file that was just downloaded i.e. "5.4.11_default.unf"

6. Once the import has finished, you will get a confirmation that the site was imported. Once you have completed the import step, go back to the export Controller and click confirm.

7. Once you have completed the import step, click "Confirm".

Now we’re ready to start migrating the devices. To do so:

8. First, find the URL or IP of the destination Controller. In this case, I’m migrating to a UniFi Cloud Controller so I go to http://unifi.ubnt.com and select a Controller there and copy it to paste it into the migration field "Controller Inform URL", keeping the inform port set to 8080 as shown:

9. Next, select the devices you want to migrate over by clicking the boxes next to one otherwise you can select the entire group.

10. Click “Migrate Devices”.

11. As the last step - you will now want to verify that all devices are connected to the new Controller and are visible on the devices page. Note this may take a few minutes. Once you have verified the devices are connected to the new Controller, you can then click “Forget Devices” which will conclude the migration process.

Once you have completed the Site Export Wizard, you will be able to manage all of the devices from your previous Controller with the same configuration as before, only on your new Controller. 

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